My Xbox360

Okay so I have my XBOX360 for just over a year (typical!)

Over the last couple of weeks, when I have connect to Live, I get “forced” updated.  After the first update my 360 started playing up.  After the second update it just would not start up at all!

So I surfed the web and found a KB that did’t apply.  Basically my powerlight turned green, but the three red light flash on the Ring of Light.

Check the video too!

So lets call Microsoft.  I didnt and get this, my 360 is out of warranty and it’s going to cost me 123 euros to get it fixed!  They have to pick it up and take it to the repair centre, findout what is wrong and send it back!

Its funny, so my 360 was working like a dream until the two updates and the Microsoft guy said “No that would not cause your 360 to fail” .. yeah and monkeys might fly out of my butt!

So now I have to wait 15 days for the damm thing to come back .. cant wait!


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