DataTraveler Secure – Privacy Edition

This looks quite good, and just what I want.

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Kingston’s DataTraveler Secure — Privacy Edition (DTSP) is the world’s first USB Flash drive that secures 100 percent of data on-the-fly via 256-bit hardware-based AES encryption. Specifically designed to meet corporate level security and compliance requirements, the DTSP is ideal for organizations looking for an efficient, cost-effective method of securing data. DTSP protects all or your data, while allowing for ultra-fast data transfers and huge storage capacities

The major difference between the DTS and DTSP drives is that the DTS drive allows for a public zone where files are always visible and accessible. The DTS – Privacy Edition drive does not allow a public zone; all data is invisible and encrypted until the user has successfully entered a valid password to access the privacy zone and its files. In addition, DTSP drives require a strong password, with a minimum length of 6 characters and requiring a mix of three of the following: Upper/Lower-Case Alphabetic, numeric, and special characters. Strong passwords, coupled with limited password retry capabilities (explained in section 1.3), make DTSP drives ultra-secure for enterprise-grade data protection.

It would seem that the USB drive can have two “zones”, one public and one private.  when you try access the private zone it auto-launches a built-in login program to enter a password and access the drive.

Can’t find any prices for it yet

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