If you watched Billg’s Keynote from CES you would have seen a picture of this Sony.  Looks like it will not hit the streets until March 2007, but it looks quite nice, and is something you would expect a Mac to look like!

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Sony VAIO VGX-TP1 is a stylish PC that delivers a high-performance entertainment experience so users can enjoy their favorite live and recorded TV and movies or surf the Web from their sofa using the wireless keyboard or remote control.

We’re not sure how many people will go for the whole oversized-hockey puck look, but Sony seems to think that folks will definitely be into the new Vaio VGX-TP1. However, the Vaio isn’t just a pretty face, it’s filled to the brim with an HDMI out port, a DVD burner, a memory card slot, and the rest of the standard stuff like USB ports and audio out. There’s a corresponding wireless keyboard that takes a note from Apple’s white hardware line. It’s due to hit in March for $1,600.

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