Sling Media Announces SlingCatcher

Shawn told me about this .. looks interesting.


Las Vegas – Consumer Electronics Show (CES) –- January 8, 2007 — Sling Media, Inc., a digital lifestyle products company, today announced a new product called SlingCatcher™, designed to deliver rich video experiences to a television located in the home as well as in remote locations. Sling Media also announced the first key applications that will be a built-in part of the SlingCatcher platform at launch: SlingProjector™ and SlingPlayer for TV. Additional services and partnerships will be announced at a later date

… The SlingCatcher also has the ability to download or stream content directly from the Internet and display it on a TV without the need for a PC to serve that content. Sling is currently discussing partnership opportunities with both large and small content owners to create and deliver their offerings directly to the TV via the SlingCatcher. The add-on storage capability (via hard disk drive attachment) could be utilized for direct delivery of such content. More details will be announced closer to the launch of the SlingCatcher.

Alien Abduction

Well that is what it feels like. On the 5th Jan 2007 I lost two hours of my life, from 1230 to 1430.

Why? Well I have an operation to fix an Umbilical Hernia. When we moved house we had 20 Leylandii trees in the garden.  They started out at about 100ft high and we had them chopped to about 30ft.

Muggins here then chopped them down to about 6ft and managed an hernia at the same time

 So I had time to choose when I wanted the Op and the 5th Jan was good for me.  So this is what it looked like before:

and then this:

Then this:

And today like this.

Things are getting better.  I can sit okay now, but not tried to drive yet.  The only thing now is that this has changed how my belly button looks, but there is nothing I can do about it now.

Back to work on Monday, but not driving until the 29th Jan