Another Free Evening Paper in London

So in London the Evening Standard used to be the only Evening paper you could get.  Then the free papers came out, with the likes of the London Lite and The London Paper.

Now we have another one.  The Telegraph PM puts a spin on the other papers.  You can download it as it’s a PDF doc.  You can then read it electronically or print it out yourself. 

It’s a 10-page, A4 size, multimedia newspaper with text, picture galleries, audio and video plus a classic Matt cartoon.

It’s published every weekday at 4pm and 5.30pm with the latest news, sport and business headlines. Read it on screen or print it out to read on the way home.

You can download it as one complete package – including a crossword, sudoku, killer sudoku and codewords, plus TV listings and critics’ choices – or select just the sections you want.

I suppose at least someone if thinking about the trees! … all I need now is a PDF reader for my Zune!

US Daylight Saving Time Changes and Blackberry

Well the Exchange Fix is out: Update for daylight saving time changes in 2007 for Exchange 2003.   This fix updates a number of files including Cdo.dll, Cdoex.dll, Davex.dll, Excdo.dll and Exoledb.dll

As you probably know, Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) uses CDO for a lot of it’s work.  Typically the version of CDO you are using with Exchange should match on your BES server, so with this DST issue what is the deal?

Well RIM have a few pages that might be interested to look at.  Hope this helps.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange:

Apply the appropriate configuration updates and patches before the first 2007 DST transition on 11 March 2007. You do not have to simultaneously apply the updates and patches to BlackBerry devices and the Microsoft Exchange Server, but all patches should be rolled out before the transition date. You can apply the updates as soon as they are available.

RIM plans to deliver the patches and updates by early February.

The Microsoft Exchange 2007 DST update version is 6.5.7830.0 (a higher version than the 2007 time zone beta). It contains the fixes for the United States and Canadian time zones, but it does not currently contain fixes for Mexico. This information will be confirmed when Microsoft releases the new version of the DST update in late January 2007.

Impact to the Microsoft Exchange Environment

No patches to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange are required from Research In Motion.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange administrators must install the latest Microsoft CDO DST update. Visit for more information and to download a trial version of this update.

Version 6.5 of CDO, which is included with the DST update, is intended for use with Microsoft Exchange 2003 System Manager. RIM recommends that administrators upgrade the BlackBerry Enterprise Server computer to use the Microsoft Exchange 2003 System Manager. RIM is currently testing the impact of running this Microsoft CDO update on other messaging and collaboration servers.

Impact on Devices:

BlackBerry Device Software Version 4.2.1 or later: This new version of BlackBerry device software, when released, will contain the new DST table to support the new transition times so no action is required.

BlackBerry Device Software Version 4.2.0: Option 1 – This version of software supports sending new DST values wirelessly from the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.1.3 or BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.0.6. Option 2 – Administrators must apply a patch to all BlackBerry Device Software Version 4.2.0.x instances that will apply the new DST rules. The size of the patch is approximately 10 KB.

BlackBerry Device Software Versions,, and These versions of BlackBerry device software contain the new DST table to support the new transition times so no action is required.

BlackBerry Device Software Versions through and except for v4.1.0.347: Administrators must apply a single patch file, which will apply the new DST rules, to each of the BlackBerry Device Software Versions to instances. The size of this file is approximately 10 KB.

BlackBerry Device Software Versions 4.0.0.x, 4.0.2.x, and all 4.1.0.x versions earlier than including Administrators must apply a patch file that will apply the new DST rules. The size of this file is approximately 800 KB.

They also have this KB article:

Human-Powered River Gymnasiums for New York

Isn’t it amazing the strange ideas people come up this.  Check this out:

Basically it’s a floating gym that is power by the people working out in it!

Our concept encapsulates a new typology for the contemporary urban gym.  It is  intended to challenge our innate proprioceptive and multi-planer locomotive abilities while synchronously altering the surroundings.  The River Gym will fulfill one of the major contemporary fitness goals of “functional training”. This training protocol will exploit the inherent disequilibrium of floatation devices.  Often the average urbanite exercising at the gym performs controlled repetitive single plane movements using industrial fitness equipment.  All of this energy is summarily dissipated and ultimately exhausted for the sake of a single individual’s wellbeing.  Other potentials exist to harness this vast human expenditure of caloric energy.  Why not have the simple transfer of this workout vigor supply New York with needed supplemental transport and amenities?  How can we extend and capitalize on this untapped group potential?  Into what form will this new kind of gym evolve? 
By continuing to provide vital health amenities, the River Gym can leave the realm of the glass box and become a useful multi-planar kinetic space.  Envision your gym becoming a machine of human propulsion that helps purify water, provide spectacular views, and transport less-motivated citizens. Why should gym members be forced to stare restlessly at a mirror, television, or static streetscape when their entire body is active?  Imagine this new fitness center as a series of many soft floating micro-islands revolving on a fifteen minute river loop with an exquisite ever-changing panoramic view.  Each River Gym vessel varies in size and critical mass population.  Therefore some vessels will need only a few members to boost the craft on its predetermined computer navigated loop.  Other larger floating units would require a superior sustaining population of club members and would only be used during peak hours