Another Free Evening Paper in London

So in London the Evening Standard used to be the only Evening paper you could get.  Then the free papers came out, with the likes of the London Lite and The London Paper.

Now we have another one.  The Telegraph PM puts a spin on the other papers.  You can download it as it’s a PDF doc.  You can then read it electronically or print it out yourself. 

It’s a 10-page, A4 size, multimedia newspaper with text, picture galleries, audio and video plus a classic Matt cartoon.

It’s published every weekday at 4pm and 5.30pm with the latest news, sport and business headlines. Read it on screen or print it out to read on the way home.

You can download it as one complete package – including a crossword, sudoku, killer sudoku and codewords, plus TV listings and critics’ choices – or select just the sections you want.

I suppose at least someone if thinking about the trees! … all I need now is a PDF reader for my Zune!

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