Burns Night

So today is Robert Burns birthday (25th Janaury) and tonight is Burns Night so you can enjoy a Haggis. Haggis achieved literary fame through “To A Haggis” by Scotland’s bard, Robert Burns in the 18th century. It is largely through the celebrations of Burns’ birthday each year that eating haggis has become a certain ritual.

Burns now world-famous address “To A Haggis” is recited at Burns Suppers all over the world. It is largely because of the enduring popularity of Burns that the much loved haggis has such a strong Scottish identity.

A traditional Burns Night has a format that is followed.  Have a look here: http://www.macsween.co.uk/burnsnight/content.asp?PageID=25b and the haggis is piped in with the chef carrying the haggis to the top table. The host or invited guest then recites Burns’ address To a Haggis. At the line, “an’ cut you up wi’ ready slight”, the haggis is cut open with a sharp knife. It is customary to applaud when the speaker is finished the address and for the company to stand and toast the haggis with a glass of whisky

Haggis is typically Lamb offal, beef fat, oatmeal, water, onion, salt, peppers and spices.  Depending on how big your haggis is, it will take from 45 mins to poach.

It is traditional to serve with tatties & neaps (aka mashed potato and swede/turnip mix) and wash down with a wee dram. 

If your after a haggis, MacSween of Edinburgh make the best I have tried.  Check out the website to see where you can buy your one


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