Vista ….. No not again

Okay so after yesterdays data loss, I thought I had learnt my lession. Doh I was VERY wrong.  It also seems that I have become very bitter and twisted over the last few weeks :-|

So at home I have an Elonex eXentia Media Centre PC, which I upgraded to Vista Ultimate a while back.  So I get home last night and start up Windows Update and see that I have the same updates to apply, plus one for my TV Card. So I say download.  Before I go to bed, I tell it to reboot.

So I wake up this morning and go to check out what the deal is.  I see Vista telling me that it has found a new device. YES I think, it has found my DVD drive .. at last.

I should be so lucky.  Instead, the “new” device is actually my OLD TV card.  So I follow the little wizard and it then says, err cant find the driver where can I get it?  I don’t bloody know .. it was working before this stupid update!.  So I point it at a share I have will my XP drivers and it and it says, NA CANT FIND THE DRIVER .. you are the weakest link, goodbye! 

So now in device manager I have two unknown devices, that are my TV card and no way to get them back.   Ah I think, driver roll back.  NOPE, the damm button is greyed out, so I am shagged as Media Centre doesnt work now!

Ah, how about removing the update!  So I go to “Uninstall an update” and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

So the state of play as of now 0900 UK time, 31st January 2007 is that my Elonex eXentia is Shagged.  It used to be a media centre pc but the DVD drive doesn’t work and neither now does the TV card.  I left this morning attempting to install the MCE2005 XP drivers from Avermedia and will see when I get home if my TV Card is working again.  If not, I will rebuild my Elonex on Friday and put XP back on!

SO WARNING: If you have an Elonex eXentia DO NOT INSTALL VISTA.  If you have DO NOT INSTALL THE AVERMEDIA update

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