Exchange Archiving, Compliance and Journaling

Been looking for some stuff on this and came across a few links I wanted to share.

First of all my buddy Doug posted a blog up on MsExchangeTeam (well done m8) and that gives you the reasons why you should (

He also links out to the Exchange Partners page (  If you drill down under compliance ( you get a list of potential products that you can use (didn’t know about this!).

This is quite a good PPT from Kieran McCorry (

What also seems interesting is that instead of having your servers, you can actually outsource this another company.  Check out Microsoft Exchange Hosted Archive (

These would be good article, but you have to register and subscribe to see the whole thing :-(
An Exchange 2003 Journaling Primer:
Develop an Exchange Compliance StrategyDevelop an Exchange Compliance Strategy:

As they say, every day is a school day!

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