Microsoft Releases SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2

SQL? I must me mad!


REDMOND, Wash. — Feb. 19, 2007 — Microsoft Corp. today released Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 SP2, an update to its award-winning data management and analysis platform. Customers can now take advantage of enhancements in the familiar and easy-to-use Windows Vista™ operating system and 2007 Microsoft Office system to easily connect and integrate with the power, security and reliability of SQL Server 2005. In addition, Microsoft announced that it is expanding virtualization use rights to allow unlimited virtual instances on servers that are fully licensed for SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition. For customers who want maximum flexibility in their use of virtualization technology, now or in the future, SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition is the ideal choice.

MM&M UG UK March Meeting (Tuesday 27th March 2007)

In london (thank god) .. sign up now! (

Here are the details of our March MMMUG meeting.

This event will be held in London at the MS SOHO offices. This is a very special event as we are being joined by Jason Langridge who is otherwise known as Mr Mobile! Check out Jason’s blog for all things mobile: –

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 27th March. Directions to the venue can be found below.

The meeting will be a mixture of PowerPoint, Demos and Discussions and perhaps most exciting, I have no doubt that Jason will be able to bring along some New Mobile Devices running Windows Mobile 6 to show us! There will also be a Q&A time at the end of the meeting.

The agenda for the meeting will be as follows: (although I may tweak the timings slightly)

18:00 – 18:30            Arrival
18:30 – 18:35            Introduction to speakers and the aims of the group
18:35 – 19:30            1st session; led by Jason Langridge, MS
An introduction to Windows Mobile 6.

19:30 – 19:50            Food!
19:50 – 20:45            2nd session; led by Jason Langridge, MS
General discussion around mobility, how people use it and where the technology is going in the next few years.

20:45 – 21:00            Summing up and suggestions for future meetings.
21:00                        The End! 


New OneNote 2007 PowerToys

I LOVE OneNote .. I use it all the time as my one shop note taker and with a tablet pc it is even better .. now look we have some new powertoys!


Word Count. We get asked by some people to be able to know how many words are on a page for articles and essays and so on. here you go.

Send to OneNote (from the file explorer/shell). Ever looked at a file in My Documents or elsewhere and thought, “I want to push that into OneNote so I can add it to my project, make some comments about it, etc? Now you can.

Export Outlook Notes to OneNote. Lots of people use Outlook’s Notes feature to keep track of little scraps of info

It looks like Dan is the man with the tools, so check out his blog

Windows Home Server

Two things about this … first off I have been accepted into Beta 2 .. yippy and they next one is the new Windows Home Server Drive Extender.  This rocks .. I wonder if this will be an update to Vista?  I suppose the only issue is space in your server to actually add more drived :-|


… Windows Home Server Drive Extender is a new technology incorporated into Windows Home Server that makes it easy for consumers to easily add more disk space to their home servers.  Users will no longer have worry about disk drive letters (C:, D:, E:, etc. etc.) as they had more hard drives to their home server, since Windows Home Server treats the disk space as a large pool of available space.  Remember this product is supposed to be easy to use, but also really cool …