MM&M UG UK March Meeting (Tuesday 27th March 2007)

In london (thank god) .. sign up now! (

Here are the details of our March MMMUG meeting.

This event will be held in London at the MS SOHO offices. This is a very special event as we are being joined by Jason Langridge who is otherwise known as Mr Mobile! Check out Jason’s blog for all things mobile: –

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 27th March. Directions to the venue can be found below.

The meeting will be a mixture of PowerPoint, Demos and Discussions and perhaps most exciting, I have no doubt that Jason will be able to bring along some New Mobile Devices running Windows Mobile 6 to show us! There will also be a Q&A time at the end of the meeting.

The agenda for the meeting will be as follows: (although I may tweak the timings slightly)

18:00 – 18:30            Arrival
18:30 – 18:35            Introduction to speakers and the aims of the group
18:35 – 19:30            1st session; led by Jason Langridge, MS
An introduction to Windows Mobile 6.

19:30 – 19:50            Food!
19:50 – 20:45            2nd session; led by Jason Langridge, MS
General discussion around mobility, how people use it and where the technology is going in the next few years.

20:45 – 21:00            Summing up and suggestions for future meetings.
21:00                        The End! 


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