Marmite Guinness

What the hell, check out and


Some say it’s madness – others call it pure genius. Marmite and Guinness have joined forces to create a limited edition Guinness Marmite. The glass jar appears black when full, and together with the white lid (to replicate a pint of Guinness) is set to be a must-have for collectors of cool. With just 300,000 jars being created and only on sale for around six to eight weeks, Guinness Marmite is set to fly off the shelves. The special recipe uses 30% Guinness yeast (a specific strain of yeast used only to make the iconic Irish stout), giving it a subtle, yet distinctive Guinness flavour, without the alcohol. 250g jars of Guinness Marmite are priced £2.49 RRP.

UK braces for lunar eclipse

Keep an eye on the sky tomorrow night (that is if you can see if with all the cloud & rain we have been getting!)


… This Saturday night (3 March) the Earth will move between the sun and the moon. The Earth will cast its shadow on the moon, leaving our largest natural satellite to bask only in refracted Earthlight, which it reflects back to us in all its bloody glory.

Xbox 360 cracked

Shawn sent me this  … I wonder what OS they will try and shoe horn on the 360?


Hardware hackers have developed a technique to hack Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gaming console so that it might be possible to run alternative operating systems on the hardware.

The approach, which only works given physical access to the hardware and is strictly for fun, relies on a taking advantage of a vulnerability in the Xbox 360 hypervisor. Properly exploited, the bug allows tinkerers to run arbitrary code (even an alternative OS) with full privileges and full hardware access.