Iliumsoft: NewsBreak 2.0

Iliumsoft have release a new version of NewsBreak.

With NewsBreak 2.0 you can:

  • Listen to your favorite podcasts, watch vidcasts, and view attached files and images!
    • Schedule your podcasts to download when and how you want them – even separately from your other channels
    • Save your podcasts and listen to them whenever you have time for a news break
    • Never run out of memory – keep podcasts on a storage card or tell NewsBreak how much space to use in main memory
  • Find even more great channels using Microsoft Live Search
  • Save memory on your device – set a maximum number of channels to keep
  • Spot the headlines that are important to you with all new keyword icons!

Oh and it support Windows Mobile 6!

I use version 1.2 for all my RSS feeds and at the moment yoiu can buy 2.0 for $7.95! or £4.12 in old money … it’s got to be worth if for that?!


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