Microsoft Device Emulator 2.0 — Standalone Release


Well thanks Jason! I downloaded the preview yesterday!


Microsoft Device Emulator 2.0 is the second publicly released version of the Device Emulator for ARM-based Devices. This emulator is also being released with the Windows Mobile 6 SDK and the Adaptation Kit (AK) releases of Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Embedded CE 6.0.
Device Emulator 2.0 release contains the same executables and DLLs as the 1.0 release that came with Visual Studio 2005. This version of the Emulator has upgraded performance and some new features. This install will replace the emulator installed with Visual Studio 2005.

So that simplifies my blog from yesterday <Windows Mobile Emulator> I uninstalled the Device Emulator 2.0 Beta and also deleted C:Program FilesMicrosoftDevice Emulator 2.0 Preview

Then installed this version (vs_emulator.exe) Strange it doesn’t add a shortcut.  I had a hunt around and it has put it into c:Program FilesMicrosoft Device Emulator1.0

The next bit was fun, trying to reassociate .bin and .nbo with DeviceEmulator.exe.  Vista just wouldn’t let me do it.  So I a cmd file in c:Program FilesMicrosoft Device Emulator1.0

So RunDeviceEmulator.cmd contains one line:

“C:Program FilesMicrosoft Device Emulator1.0DeviceEmulator.exe” %1

Thats it’s.  Now I can associate the cmd with .nbo and .bin yippy!

So the new steps as the same as the old one, but install the released emulator

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