Programmatic modification of SMTP virtual server access and relay control

Every day is a school day.  I have been looking for this for ages.  Basically I want to populate the Allow list on an SMTP virtual server programatically .. and this KB tells you how:

Microsoft Exchange 2000 provides connection and relay control for its Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) virtual servers. An administrator can use these controls to limit the computers that can connect to a virtual server or that can relay e-mail to outside the Exchange 2000 organization. You can view these controls by using Exchange System Manager.

An Exchange 2000 post-Service Pack 3 (SP3) hotfix introduces a programmatic interface to the SMTP Virtual Server Connection Control settings and the Relay Control settings. The Exchange IP Security Component Object Model (COM) interface (ExIPSec) provides an additional way to access these control settings.

ExIPSec allows an administrator to programmatically view and modify the connection settings and relay control settings on an Exchange 2000 server. In certain circumstances, an administrator can modify these settings in bulk on servers throughout the organization to lower the total cost of ownership of Exchange 2000.

Essentially it’s ExIPSec.dll.  Now the above KB has it for Exchange 2000 but not for Exchange 2003. 

This is the update for Exchange 2003: Microsoft Exchange Server SMTP Internet Protocol Restriction and Accept/Deny List Configuration
Use the SMTP Internet Protocol Restriction and Accept/Deny List Configuration to programmatically set or view Internet Protocol (IP) restrictions on an SMTP virtual server and to add or remove IP addresses from your global accept or deny lists. Microsoft Exchange 2003 provides connection and relay control for its Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) virtual servers. Additionally, Exchange 2003 provides connection filtering that allows you to configure IP addresses from which you want to accept connections or from which you want to always deny connections. These settings are configured in global accept and deny lists in Connection Filtering. An administrator can use these controls to limit the computers that can connect to a virtual server or that can relay e-mail to outside the Exchange organization.

Note This tool can be used against Exchange 2000 servers but the global accept and deny list configuration is only applicable to Exchange 2003 servers. If Active Directory has been updated with the Exchange 2003 schema then the tool can be used to configure entries on the global accept and deny lists, but this configuration is only available on Exchange 2003 servers.

Intelligent E-mail Archiving with Archive Manager – Live Webcast

Might be interesting .. lets hops it not all sales!


LIVE WEBCAST 27 MARCH 10:00 – 10:45 BST

Quest Software understands the difficulty Exchange users have balancing an organisation’s e-mail archiving requirements – compliance policies, performance requirements, and end-users’ demands for more storage.

Quest offers a comprehensive e-mail archiving software solution that serves as an Archive Manager, enabling you to take control of historical messaging data while maintaining performance and surpassing end-users expectations.

Join the experts on our 45min product demo webcast and find out how Archive Manager can help you:

  • Reduce e-mail storage cost
  • Reduce risk
  • Produce evidence for compliance purposes quickly
  • Control data volumes
  • Unlock the value of e-mail through information sharing and integration with line of business applications

Personal Car Communicator

Check this out.  It’s a option on the new Volvo S80.  it’s not cheap at $495 but it’s damm cool!

Personal Car Communicator (PCC), including keyless drive, two-way remote communication of vehicle’s security status, and heartbeat sensor

The Personal Car Communicator (PCC) is your car key’s smart connection with your Volvo S80 applying the latest in two-way radio technology. When in range, you’ll always know the status of your car. Locked or unlocked. Alarm activated or not. If the alarm has been activated, the heart beat sensor will also tell you if there is someone inside the car. The PCC also includes keyless entry and keyless drive.

US wants all 10 fingerprints on entry

So, do americans WANT you to feel like a criminal before you even enter the country!


The US will increase the amount of information it holds on foreign visitors when it takes all 10 fingerprints from air travellers rather than the usual two.

Currently foreign travellers must have their index fingers scanned into a database when they enter the US by agents of the Department of Homeland Security. Those prints can then be checked against a database of fingerprints held by police forces or the FBI

That number will increase to all 10 fingerprints on a trial at 10 US airports. It is planned that the programme will be in place in all airports in around a year, according to a report in The Daily Telegraph.

Purchasing additional Windows Vista licenses

Is this REALLY worth it … 10% off! … <>

For customers who acquired a full or upgrade version of Windows Vista from retail or pre-installed, we’ve got a pretty sweet deal.  We’re announcing the Windows Vista Additional License program, which provides the ability to install the same edition of Windows Vista on any other additional computers you may own.  The program allows customers to purchase up to 5 additional licenses for PCs they own at 10% off the suggested retail price.

BUT I have also found the “Windows Vista Family Discount” that offers over 60% off* household PC upgrades to Windows Vista Home Premium

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Check this out .. Freecom has released a Digital terrestrial TV & Radio receiver housed in a SCART interface!

Yes you did hear me right .. in a SCART interface.  Have a look for yourself <>


Somehow it has an EPG too! … Have a look at the features:

  • Scart interface allows you to receive “Free to Air” DVB-T channels on any TV
  • Compact design featuring a convenient hinge system for invisible installation on wall mounted LCD and Plasma TV ’s
  • On-screen menu system for easy set-up and use
  • Ideally suitable for use when travelling
  • Channel scan and name recognition
  • Electronic program guide (EPG) system
  • DVB-T antenna
  • Antenna connection fits your existing analogue antenna
  • Installs in seconds
  • Small dimensions only 3,5×5,5×1,75 cm
  • Full size remote control
  • AC3 compatible
  • All Freecom devices meet the highest industry standards