<RANT> about air travel </RANT>

Okay so this weekend we flew up to Inverness for a Wedding.  The weather was nice and the drive from Inverness to Helmsdale was long, but the scernery is breath taking.

Anyway, coming back on Sunday we stop off at the great little farm shop.  We get some Haggis, White & Black Pudding and some organic free range eggs.

So we get Inverness airport and with our cool bag of goodies and get told that we can’t take the eggs on the Plane!, but everything else is okay (as long as it’s vacumed packed.  Note to self, make sure terrorists dont buy a vacum pack machine!)

WHAT we say, you have got be joking .. the guys says nope … okay so we asked why and the says “Bird Flu“.  Now we know that is a load of BS, he probably fancied an egg sandwich for lunch.  We said, okay, but if we drove or took the train we would be able to take these, what is special about a plane?

He couldn’t answer, so we left out Eggs at Inverness airport and vowed never to fly internally in the UK again

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