Why PCs Should Get More Sleep

Save the trees man … Shame my Elonex doesn’t have the Hibernate Option on the start menu. Also upgrade to an LCD monitor and save too! 

Source: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/features/2007/mar07/03-21vistapowermgmt.mspx

REDMOND, Wash., March 21, 2007 — A single incandescent 100-watt light bulb left on around the clock for a year costs more than US$80 to power. Generating that power releases about 1,350 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere — a major contributor to global warming.

According to Dean DeWhitt, director of Microsoft’s Windows Kernel team, that is about the same amount of power many PCs consume while not in use. Yet, while few people would leave a light bulb on for a year, many people keep their PCs running with screen-savers at all hours, which actually consumes more energy than an idling PC. What’s more, many large organizations constantly leave their PCs running so they are available to receive security patches and updates.

“While education may be the key for many consumers, businesses are forced to balance cost and environmental impact against their own security and operations requirements,” says DeWhitt. “New power management features in Windows Vista are designed to help them with this challenge.”

In fact, Microsoft today announced the results of an independent study from UK-based PC Pro Labs, which looks at the energy consumption of Windows Vista and the potential reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. “Power Consumption, Windows Vista versus Windows XP” compared energy usage between Windows XP and Windows Vista, clearly showing that the power management features in Windows Vista could help reduce the carbon dioxide generated in an organization, equal to 45 tonnes per year for a 200-seat business. In addition, the study found that these features could also deliver savings on energy bills of up to £46 per desktop PC per year.

The study is based on real-world usage of desktop computers in the work environment of 800 desktop PC users. The cost savings and reduction in carbon dioxide emissions are due to the “Sleep” mode in Windows Vista, which automatically activates after one hour of non-use.

Known as Standby or Hibernate in previous versions, Sleep is a state where a machine and monitor can become available instantly if needed, but are each using only two to three watts of electricity in the meantime. While other versions of Windows have had success with standby modes, according to DeWhitt, Windows Vista’s version of Sleep provides by far the best user experience to date.

Windows 2003 Service Pack 2

Now this could be an issue that the PowerShell guys have shared …. its good to talk!

Source: http://blogs.msdn.com/powershell/archive/2007/03/19/windows-server-2003-sp2-upgrade.aspx

Because of the nature of the Windows Service pack (SP) releases, all the windows updates are consumed by SP upgrade. So once you upgrade to a new SP all the updates that were installed earlier cannot be uninstalled.  Since Windows PowerShell is released as an update to Windows, upgrading to W2k3 SP2 will remove the powershell uninstaller and you cannot uninstall PowerShell directly.

Windows update technology do not support out of order uninstalls ie.,

     1. Install Update A + Install Update B + Install Update C. 

     2. To uninstall Update A, the supported way to uninstall A is -> Uninstall C + Uninstall B then Uninstall A.

Since W2K3 SP2 is an update to W2K3 SP1, if you install Powershell on W2K3 SP1 and upgrade to W2K3 SP2, to uninstall PowerShell you first have to uninstall W2K3 SP2.

I just want to let you all know of this Windows Update behaviour.

Motion LE1700 Tablet PC

Ohhhh nice with a Core 2 Duo now too .. But do I want a Slate or a Convertible?

Source: http://www.motioncomputing.com/products/tablet_pc_le17.asp

Empower yourself with an option-packed LE1700 Tablet PC and experience innovative, cutting-edge mobile computing technology. The LE1700 combines the power of the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor, advanced connectivity features such as embedded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®, and a new level of wireless freedom with the optional embedded wireless broadband technology to provide performance and mobililty that will empower you. LE1700 Tablet PCs also come standard with a 12.1″ high resolution SXGA+ display, bringing images to life with more color, more clarity and more detail than ever before. Optional View Anywhere® display maximizes viewability outdoors and in harsh lighting environments. Also available with WriteTouch™ Display, which combines active pen digitizing and capacitive touchscreen capabilities

Microsoft licensing programs

Saw a reference to some of this stuff the other day and wondered where it came from.  Isn’t google (err I mean live search) great ;-)

Source: http://www.microsoft.com/about/legal/intellectualproperty/protocols/easp.mspx

Microsoft has licensing programs for many of the protocols that the company has developed to support communications among its software products. Communications protocols provide the rules for information exchange to accomplish specific, predefined tasks across a network connection.

Exchange ActiveSync Protocol: The Exchange ActiveSync Protocol enables mobile client devices, such as Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs and SmartPhones, to synchronize e-mail, calendar, and contacts with a computer that is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.

Outlook-Exchange Transport Protocol: Microsoft also offers Independent Software Vendors a wide variety of ways to interoperate with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, including a rich set of publicly documented APIs.


Outlook-Exchange Transport Protocol acts as a mediator between applications and back-end messaging system.  From what I can find, it sound like it’s mapi.net? but don’t quote me on that!


I am playing virtual tennis with Shawn today and he scored his first point with this (the game is at 15-40)

In the past I have used ScriptomaticV2 or wbemtest to test WMI or get vbscript to dump WMI data.  Shawn showed me WMIC and I am very impressed.  It’s not as good as using Windows PowerShell, but it is good.

So if you using a Windows XP, Vista or Windows 2003 you can run WMIC at the command line.

By default it will connect to rootCIMv2 and your can use /? to list all the options you have.  It really is quite nice, but the commands are a bit of a pain to work out.

So typing process is the same as PATH win32_process

What I have not been able to work out yet is how to access rootMicrosoftExchangeV2 from WMIC shell.

It’s simple if you use the WMIC command line.  If you want to know the Exchange_QueueData you just run

WMIC /NAMESPACE:\rootMicrosoftExchangeV2 path Exchange_Queue

Kewl … enjoy!


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