I am playing virtual tennis with Shawn today and he scored his first point with this (the game is at 15-40)

In the past I have used ScriptomaticV2 or wbemtest to test WMI or get vbscript to dump WMI data.  Shawn showed me WMIC and I am very impressed.  It’s not as good as using Windows PowerShell, but it is good.

So if you using a Windows XP, Vista or Windows 2003 you can run WMIC at the command line.

By default it will connect to rootCIMv2 and your can use /? to list all the options you have.  It really is quite nice, but the commands are a bit of a pain to work out.

So typing process is the same as PATH win32_process

What I have not been able to work out yet is how to access rootMicrosoftExchangeV2 from WMIC shell.

It’s simple if you use the WMIC command line.  If you want to know the Exchange_QueueData you just run

WMIC /NAMESPACE:\rootMicrosoftExchangeV2 path Exchange_Queue

Kewl … enjoy!


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