Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center

How log have I been using Vista?  Well that is just not long enough!

I have a new T-Mobile Ameo and I couldnt work out why Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center didn’t fire up as expected when I pluged the Ameo in.  All I was getting was the autoplay options you get when you plus a portable device in!

Well Doh! You need to actually need to install the Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center. The 32bit version is a mere 10.3mb.

Check out:

Ahh that works better now!  Hey one other thing.  The Ameo doesn’t have PocketMSN installed by default! Suppose I could look at the cd that comes with it

Last day in the office

So today is my last day in the office. I still work for the company in question until Friday (I will give you more details on Friday! but some of you know already)

Any way, so I have been working for said company for over 6 years of which the last year and a bit in my current workgroup for the Exchange team

I will miss the Exchange boys, as we go have a laugh and I they are just damm good! My workgroup on the other hand … well

So what cheesed me off today is 1) my manager didn’t come over to the UK to say goodbye in person. He done it over the phone and 2) not even a bloody leaving card.

I guess that just show how much I was worth, not to my team but the bigger workgroup.

Oh well, a new venture starts next week!