Dry Recycling

Okay so I live in the London Borough of Hillingdon.  It’s quite good we get a weekly recycling collect and I aim to have more recycling bags more than rubbish bags.

In the post yesterday came the Borough Newsletter and an article on the environment listed out what you can / cannot recycle.

Now in this age of identity theft, I shred almost everything, so I was a bit unhappy when the article says that you cannot recycle shredded paper!!!.  Yes that is right, paper, cardboard etc is okay, but they say ..

Shredded paper acts like a textile, binding itself around the sorting machinery resulting in additional downtime and maintenance which is why we do not want it in the recycling bags! 

One word .. TOUGH, I want them to recycle ALL my paper including the stuff I have shredded.  I can only put a limited amount in my compost bin, and I would hope that I am not the only one in the borough that is shredding personal stuff and wants it recycled.