Exchange 2007 Transport Server

So here I am playing with my test lab.  I installed ForeFront my my Hub and Edge transport servers and I started to get these in the application event log:

Event Type:    Warning
Event Source:    MSExchangeTransport
Event Category:    ResourceManager
Event ID:    15002
The resource pressure is constant at High. Statistics:
Queue database and disk space (“C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerTransportRolesdataQueuemail.que”) = 59% [High] [Normal=55% MediumHigh=57% High=59%]
Queue database logging disk space (“C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerTransportRolesdataQueue”) = 59% [Normal] [Normal=91% MediumHigh=93% High=95%]
Version buckets = 1 [Normal] [Normal=40 MediumHigh=60 High=100]
Private bytes = 40% [Normal] [Normal=71% MediumHigh=73% High=75%]
Physical memory load = 69% [limit is 94% to start dehydrating messages.]
Inbound mail submission from other Hub Transport servers, the Internet, the Pickup directory, the Replay directory, and the Mailbox server, if it is on a Hub Transport server, has stopped.
Loading of e-mail from the queuing database, if available, continues.

And when I telneted to the server I would get this:

452 4.3.1 Insufficient system resources

… good ole back pressure! So, what to do?  Well I slapped another disk in and now I need to move the paths to my new G drive.  I thought, I know, run Get-TransportServer, find the paths and just change them!

Typically the folder structure under TransPortRules looks like this:

These are changed in EdgeTransport.exe.config:
–IpFilter <-IPFilterDatabasePath + IPFilterDatabaseLoggingPath
–Queue <-QueueDatabasePath + QueueDatabaseLoggingPath
–Temp <-TemporaryStoragePath

These are change by using Set-TransportServer
–Connectivity <-ConnectivityLogPath ** Sometimes this does exist!?!
–MessageTracking <-MessageTrackingLogPath
—SmtpReceive <-ReceiveProtocolLogPath
—SmtpSend <-SendProtocolLogPath
–Routing <-RoutingTableLogPath
–PipelineTracing <-PipelineTracingPath
-Pickup <-PickupDirectoryPath
-Replay <-ReplayDirectoryPath

As I found out some of the folders may not exist, but they can still be changed using Set-TransportServer

Err no, you have one more step, as this doesn’t move the mail.que file.  You actually have to update EdgeTransport.exe.config.  When you open it up, you need to change the following lines

Oh by the way, you need to stop the MsExchangeTransport first before you can do this.

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