Forefront Server Security for Exchange 2007

This is another product I have been playing .. found two great things.

First was this error my Hub Transport Server.  It looks very much like Forefront caused this .. don’t know what or why, but still it’s a bit scarey!

This is my favorite.  In the Forefront Server Security administrator I have specified the following under Scanner Update for the Primary network Update path:

file://engines$</FONT></P> <P>Now check out what the application log says:</P> <P><FONT face=Courier>Event Type:&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Error<BR>Event Source:&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;GetEngineFiles<BR>Event Category:&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Engine Error <BR>Event ID:&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;6014<BR>Description:<BR>Microsoft Forefront Server Security encountered an error while performing a scan engine update.<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; Scan Engine: Kaspersky5<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; Update Path:<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; Proxy Settings: Disabled<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; Error Code: 0x80004005<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp; Description: An error occurred while checking if an update was available.<BR><BR></FONT></P> <P><FONT size=+0>Err this server is not connected to the internet, and you shouldn’t be getting the updates from it anyway!”&nbsp;</FONT></P>

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