Okay so we all know that Test-SystemHealth is basically ExBPAcmd with a nice wrapper.

What I find interesting is that when I run it, it always “Mailbox Role Checks” even if it’s run on a CAS or Hub Transport server. Well Test-SystemHealth does have a -roles but the help file says it’s Reserved for internal use.

However, you can use the following:
Gateway -> Edge role
Bridgehead -> Hub Transport role
ClientAccess -> Client Access role
UnifiedMessaging -> Unified Messaging
AdminTools -> Management Tools role
ClusterMailbox -> Active Mailbox role
Mailbox -> Mailbox and Passive Mailbox roles

Now make sure you match the case of they won’t work.  Not too sure what the tests do, but it works okay

Also you know about the -DownloadConfigurationUpdates:$false to stop it trying to download from the internet.

So this is what I have been using on my servers with the Hub Transport role server 

Test-SystemHealth -Roles:Bridgehead -DownloadConfigurationUpdates:$false


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