Portégé M400-3G145

When I worked for bills crowd I had a couple of TabletPCs and since I have left I have been getting withdrawal symptoms.

A while back the nice people a Insight shipped my new M400 (not for free I might add).  So why an M400 instead of the R400 I spoke about before.  Well one thing really POWER.

The R400 is a core solo, whereas my M400 is a core2 duo.

So like all M400 the spec is the same .. Intel Centrino® Duo Mobile Technology featuring Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T7200, running at 2.0 GHz.  It comes with 1gb of ram and a 100gb hard disk.

image image image

I just love the 12.1 ” SXGA+ TFT which can be set to 1,400 x 1,050

BUT it has one difference that made me want this particular model, and the clue is in the model number 3G145.  Yup it has a sim card slot on the bottom.  You undo a screw and pop your sim card in and that’s it .. you have WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G .. how cool is that.

Its funny, over at jkontherun, the conducted a pole and people preferred WiFi over WWAN (3G). I must disagree with this.  In London WiFi is in pockets and you have to pay for your usage, and sometimes the signal is not great.  With my 3G sim, I have unlimited downloads for the month and the speeds are quite good.  Also I can use my 3G on the train, when WiFi is just non existent!

3G is a funny thing.  The SIM socket is on the bottom of the tablet and you need to unscrew a plate to get to it.  It would have been nicer is if it was similar to the SD slot and easy to access.  So now I have to carry a screw driver around me, as I use the SIM in my Ameo too


All in all, I do like my M400 and 3G does make is more useful. Speed wise I’m not sure, I was expecting it to be faster than is, especially as it now has 4gb of ram.

I also have the “slice” extra battery that makes it a bit heavier but I get between 4 and 5 hours out of a full charge which can’t be bad.  One kinda cool accessory I have is the docking station.  You connect it via a single USB and I get something like 6 USB in the dock, network and get this external monitor.  I don’t know how the hell they can push all that down one USB cable but they do and it works like a dream.

I am waiting for an disk caddy to turn up from insight so I can dual boot WinXP and Vista.  If Vista is okay I will make the jump.

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