Tube Rage II

Okay so todays moan is for the earphone wearing guy to my right on my Train.

If I wanted to like to the tinny cr@p coming out of you earphones I will by the CD. I don’t want to hear “tish, tish, thump, thump, thump” I can even hear it when I have my earphones in. Just think if I can hear it, how loud is it for him?

Why are they called earphones or headphones anyway? you can’t call anyone on them :-)

Maybe its just me, but when I listen to music on the train, I am respectful of the people around me as I am sure they don’t want to listen to my choice of music.

You know sometimes I wish I had a pair of scissors to cut the headphone cable to free us all from tinny music hell.

Thank god, Mr Tinny music got off at Kings Cross … ahhh can you hear that? Just the sound of the train …

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