Windows Live Writer: Update

Just wanted to give you a small update.

I just LOVE the changes they have made.  Like a table menu and just the speed at which it works.

Being able to paste pictures in to live writer is just the best thing .. all you need to be able to do now is paste in a video :-|

It is by far the best blogging tool I have used over the years.

The boys and girls working on this have done an excellent job and I can’t until it is released.

Forefront for Exchange

Hey might have found out my problem with the Exchange Transport service. Many thanks to Paul @ Microsoft and his Escalation Engineer who saw some secure ldap traffic in my netmon.

It looks like it could be caused by something trying to access

Why, I dunno, but if I put an entry for it in my hosts file ( or follow the steps below it seems to go away and the services starts. How weird is that, especially as the servers will not have access to the internet :-|

Right click Internet Explorer, then Advanced tab and uncheck “Check for publishers certificate revocation” in Security settings.

It would seem that if an application has a high percentage of managed code, all of this code is signed when shipped. At start up (if this setting is checked) the .Net Runtime tries to contact to ensure that the cert is valid. If there is no internet connection or there is a problem contacting the certificate revocation list server then this will delay startup, and by the looks of things the delay prevents the MsExchange Transport Service starting.

What I can’t work out is the service is randomly affected?

People Rage

I like to think that I am a reasonable human being and easy to get on with. I try to be helpful when I can, and I respect people views and opinions.

I have experienced many different cultures and I have worked in a few countries around the world, but one thing that I really HATE is people being rude and disrespectful.

I just need to rant about a few examples. First off I arranged a meeting to talk about Exchange. It was my meeting and I had points to cover. 10 mins in this guy obviously decided it was his turn, stuck his hand in my face and said “yeah right that enough about that..”

Next I was all nice and calm while a storm was brewing around me. This guy asks me a question, I don’t give him the answer he wanted (but I was right and being level headed). He then explodes in an open plan office for no obvious reason, turns his back on me and leaves me standing there like a plonker.

My favorite is when your in a meeting and have an opinion, then someone either talks over your or dismisses what you have to say before you have finished.

In all three examples I wanted to take the people outside and beat some respect in to them. But hey, I am better than that! I walked away

I have been a team leader before and know what comes with the job. I have been on the end of the phone and been shouted at (the poor guy just needed to get if things off this chest. One he was done everything was fine).  One thing I am quite good at is listening to people and understanding the issues they have.

I have personal standards and I like to think that I treat people the same way I would expect them to treat me.

But sometimes people just go too far.  What good is it to say “sorry” a couple of days later.  It makes YOU feel good, as you know it was your fault in the first place, but the damage is already done.

Anyway that is enough of this.  Let me know what you think and if I am right or wrong.  Debate is always good.  I am open to different opinions and I will listen ;-)

But it’s the weekend.  Take a deep breath sit back and enjoy a couple of days off. 

Remember, life is too short this sh1t.  Treat people how you want them to treat you and all will be fine.  If you are stressed, talk, don’t bottle it up and take it out on an innocent bystander.