Bus Rage

So from what you read in the paper tonight, the three day tube strike is a farce. The unions have all the assurances they have demanded but they still strike. They reckon it is costing business £50m a day and affects 3.2m commuters. Isn’t that nice and considerate of them.

I must admit, the one thing the papers are saying is that the assurances are okay while MetroNet is in administration. What happens when they come out of administration?

Also maybe Transport for London should consider using a number of maintenance companies to prevent another melt down of the tube network.

On some buses there have been fights in the queue, just to get on to the bus.

Anyway, I made it to London Bridge and the jubilee line was working like a dream, except for the passenger alarm that held things up.

So, forgive me if I am out of line, but I was under the impression that if a bus timetable says it wil arrive at a certain time it will? Silly me this is London Transport. in the time three should have appear zero did, but am on one now and it should take me less the three hours to get home.

What I have about traveling on the bus are smelly people and the social people who must be deaf, as I can hear the usual thump, thump, thump from the guys three row in front of me. If only I had a pair of scissors to cut his headphone cable.
UPDATE: I was wrong, the person with the loud ipod has got off … humm time to look for tell tailwhite cable.
UPDATE2: damm it was a guy half way down the bus! how loud must that the been for him?

Right time to pay attention and make sure I don’t miss my stop! I haven’t got clue where I am, it looks different when you’re not driving. I wonder if the driver would let me have ago?

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