Tube Strike

Well well, another day another tube strike in London.

This time for three days. Last night I was lucky, I managed to get the last train home :-|

This morning has been a bit more of a challenge. T was heading up north, so she gave me a lift to Stanmore to get the Jubilee Line (The northern line is also running, as is the Piccadilly line .. well part of it)

So far one hour to get to Stanmore and my tube app says 40mins to London Bridge, so we will see. God knows how I am going to get home.

The things you do to get into work .. I think I will be working from home for next two days!!

I knew I wanted to moan about something (for a change) I spoke to the guy at the company I am working for who looks after business continuity. I mentioned a small three day tube strike that will prevent x number of employees from coming into work, and I asked if we had contingency plans. He said NO! What the hell is the point in planning for business continuity if you can’t put it into action. Okay so you can get vpn access, but no other way to access email outside the corporate network with a BlackBerry … no OWA no ActiveSync. I must admit I have never felt so lost before when you can’t access your email.

0920: this train is filling up quite nicely, but not a busy as normal.. me thinks people are going to enjoy the sunshine in the garden today.

That’s not too bad, got to my desk by ten

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