T-Mobile Ameo with Windows Mobile 6: Howto

Okay so here is the deal. Take on T-Mobile Ameo with Windows Mobile 5. I paid £20 to http://www.imei-check.co.uk/athenaunlock.php to unlock my Ameo. They a very nice man call George, who has a HTC Advantage downloaded the update for me. (if you want it let me know !) It was then very simple. You run the HTC update and about 20 mins later you have a fresh Windows Mobile 6 Ameo. First impressions are that it is a hell of a lot quicker than WM5. You also get Windows Live (T-Mobile didn’t package this with the WM5 Ameo), crisper icons and a whole nicer feel than WM5. It also seem that the bettery life is a bit better too. What I am still not sure about is, that even with WM6 the Ameo still doesn’t give me everything I want. A pocket version of live writer would be nice and I can’t explain what it is, but something is missing. You need to remember that I am not using the Ameo as a phone, only a 3G PDA, so the HTC Shift (according to reports) will give me the flexibility of WM6 and Vista in UMPC form factor