Zune fractures rib

Well sort of … I am waiting to find out .. so walking from the tube station this morning, I twisted my ankle, stumbled and then performed a perfect judo roll in the middle of the road (and I hadn’t even been drinking).

My ankle hurt a bit, but I can’t straighten my left arm and my ribs hurt in an area about the size of my zune, which was in my jacket pocket.

So off to A&E at the Royal London. I was assessed and had my xray within about 20mins which is excellent, but It has been an hour now waiting to be called by the Minor Injuries clinic.

The guy in xray said that is wasn’t really work xraying my ribs, as there is nothing they could really do, and with my elbow, all he thinks they will do is give me a sling! Great!! It also show how technology has moved on … no xray prints any more, they are all digital now.

What I should have done is call an ambulance, as they go right to the front of the queue!

I do respect the NHS and I know how hard the doctors and nurses work. This little experience just so the desperate need for more funding. They only have 8 bays in minor injuries, and the queue outside is getting bigger and bigger and next to noone is coming out.

I will update you on my progress once they get round to seeing me.

UPDATE: Just over two and a half hours since admission and I have a broken bone just above my elbow and bruises in the shape of a zune on my chest .. and a twisted ankle.

Its gonna take 6 weeks for bones to heal and I have a very fashionable arm sling accessory.

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