Exchange 2007: Setup /NewProvisionedServer

So I have been having some fun this setup switch and wanted to share some stuff with you …. so if your Exchange 2007 organization contains many Exchange servers, it is possible that more than one person will be installing Exchange 2007. As a result, you might not want every person who will install Exchange 2007 to have the permissions assigned to the Exchange Organization Administrators role (even though that is the requirement for installing Exchange 2007).

Good news! There is a way around this: You can delegate setup. To delegate setup, you must first run from a Command Prompt window with the /NewProvisionedServer parameter. This will not install Exchange 2007 on the server, but instead will create a placeholder object for the server in Active Directory and will add the machine account for this server to the Exchange Servers group.

Then you can add a user to the Exchange Server Administrator role for the server that you provisioned. Adding a user to the Exchange Server Administrator role will add the user’s account to the View-Only Administrator group and will set permissions on the placeholder server object in Active Directory so that the user account can install and administer Exchange 2007 on that server to install the first instance of each server role in an organization, you must use an account that has the permissions assigned to the Exchange Organization Administrator role. You cannot delegate setup of the first instance of a server role.

NB: Due to the way Windows PowerShell interprets ` you need to use a double “ for the group or user name that has a back tick in it! /NewProvisionedServer: /ServerAdmin:

This is the all in one command. It will pre-provision an Exchange 2007 server and assign ServerAdmin rights to the connect group You need to logon to an Exchange 2007 server with an account that is a member of Exchange Organization Administrators

Insert the Exchange 2007 CD

Y:> /NewProvisionedServer: /ServerAdmin:

Welcome to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Unattended Setup
Preparing Exchange Setup
No server roles will be installed
Performing Microsoft Exchange Server Prerequisite
Check Organization Checks ……………………. COMPLETED

Configuring Microsoft Exchange Server
Provisioning a new server ……………………. COMPLETED
The Microsoft Exchange Server setup operation completed successfully.

Check Point Once the setup operation has completed successfully, check to make ensure everything was setup properly.

I had an issue where a member of an allowed group would setup the server and it would fail at the end with this error:

Service ‘MSExchangeADTopology’ failed to start. Check the event log for possible reasons for the service start failure.

It turns out that the server was not a member of the Exchange Servers group, so after you have run /NewProvisionedServer: /ServerAdmin: check to make sure the server is in the Exchange Servers group.

You can use the Exchange management Shell to do this:

[PS] C:ps>get-group “Exchange Servers” | select members | fl

Members : {CAS01, PUB02, PUB01, M01NB, M01NA, HUB02, HUB01, MBX01, Exchange Install Domain Servers, MRS02}

Make sure the server you installed is in the list.

Next check to make sure the group specified is listed as an Exchange Server administrator of the server you just installed

You can check this in using the Exchange Management shell or the Exchange Management Console

[PS] C:ps>Get-ExchangeAdministrator

If the group you added is in the list then your are ready to have your ServerAdmins install the exchange server!

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