A Month in Exchange: November 2007

DOWNLOADS for October 2007
Microsoft Active Directory Topology Diagrammer
ith the Active Directory Topology Diagrammer tool, you can read your Active Directory structure through Microsoft ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO). The Active Directory Topology Diagrammer tool automates Microft Office Visio to draw a diagram of the Active Directory Domain topology, your Active Directory Site topology, your OU structure or your current Exchange 200X Server Organization. With the Active Directory Topology Diagrammer tool, you can also draw partial Information from your Active Directory, like only one Domain or one site. The objects are linked together, and arranged in a reasonable layout that you can later interactively work withthe objects in Microsoft Office Visio.

System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 – Evaluation Software
System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007 is the new standard for Windows® backup and recovery — delivering continuous data protection for Microsoft® application and file servers using seamlessly integrated disk and tape media.  DPM enables rapid and reliable recovery through advanced technology for enterprises of all sizes.
DPM protects Windows® data by continuously capturing data changes with application-aware byte- and block-level agents, providing an easy-to-manage and robust disk/tape data protection solution, and one-click lossless application recovery. DPM enables IT administrators and end-users to easily recover data in minutes from easily accessible disk instead of locating and restoring from less reliable tapes. DPM combines the best aspects of disk and tape and reduced infrastructure requirements with Microsoft’s experience in Windows Server® technology to provide a technically advanced and comprehensive data protection solution for the most demanding Microsoft environments – from the SMB to the Enterprise. To learn more, visit http://www.microsoft.com/dpm

TechNet Security Series Seminar 1 – 28 Sep 07
The first TechNet Security Series Seminar happened on Friday 28 September 2007. Here are the presentations that were made during this seminar, now available for download:

Session 1: Advanced Security Measures for Clients and Servers
Session 2: Security Enhancements in SQL 2005
Session 3: Security Considerations for Wireless Environments
Panel Questions

Video Title: Technet Security – Restricted Groups Demo 1
TechNet Security – Session 1 – Restricted Groups Demo for 28th Sept 07
To watch this video:click here.
High-Res Format: http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=7514175

Video Title: TechNet Security – DNS in the DMZ Zone Demo 2
TechNet Security – Session 1 – DNS in the DMZ Zone Demo for 28th Sept 07
To watch this video, click here.
High-Res Format: http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=7514177

Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Overview
Understand the value of Exchange Server 2007. A PowerPoint presentation on the value of Exchange Server 2007.

Microsoft Forefront Server Security Management Console User Guide
orefront Server Security Management Console allows administrators to easily manage Forefront Security for Exchange Server, Forefront Security for SharePoint and Microsoft Antigen, providing a web-based console to centralize configuration and operation, automate the download and distribution of signature and scan engine updates, and generate comprehensive reports. Forefront Server Security Management Console also allows administrators to rapidly respond to outbreaks and update protection across enterprise deployments, improving organizational agility in responding to new threats. Through integration with Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft SQL Server, Forefront Server Security Management Console helps maintain reliability and performance of messaging and collaboration protection.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007 Release Notes
This download contains a standalone version of the Exchange Server 2007 Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007 Release Notes. This release notes document includes information about how to install and configure this management pack. It also describes known issues about the product and suggested resolutions.

To correctly install and configure the Exchange 2007 Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007, you must be familiar with the information specified in these release notes.

Microsoft Transporter Suite for Lotus Domino
This end-to-end guide takes you through the process of assessing your environment, planning your directory and mail transition, and executing your coexistence and migration plan.

Update Rollup 5 for Exchange Server 2007 (KB941421)
Update Rollup 5 for Exchange Server 2007 resolves issues that were found in Exchange Server 2007 since the software was released. This update rollup is highly recommended for all Exchange Server 2007 customers.

For a list of changes included in this update rollup see KB941421.

Going 64-Bit with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
This topic illustrates how Microsoft met evolving business needs with the deployment of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, such as reducing risks associated with spam, improving business agility, and lowering TCO. The 64-bit platform enables Microsoft IT to keep pace with ever-increasing performance expectations, raise mailbox quotas, lower storage costs, and eliminate tape backups to save additional

IT Showcase: Exchange Server 2007 Deployment Checklist
To drive excellence in server deployments, the Exchange Messaging team within the Microsoft Information Technology (Microsoft IT) group relies on checklists to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out deployment tasks, minimize deployment risks, and save time.


EVENTS / WEBCASTS: November 2007
Momentum Webcast: Protecting Your HP Storage and Microsoft Exchange Server Solution from Disasters (Level 200)
Natural and man-made disasters can occur when you least expect them—serving as a reminder that in less than a moment’s notice, volumes of data can be lost. To prevent data loss from failure, error, or disaster, Microsoft and HP offer several complementary software solutions that can help protect your small to mid-sized business from the unexpected. In this webcast, we discuss Microsoft local continuous replication (LCR), cluster continuous replication (CCR), standby continuous replication (SCR), and Hewlett-Packard (HP) storage mirroring. We explore each product, explain why each is important, and describe how each might fit in your data protection strategy. We also discuss which utility is most appropriate for your environment. Data protection is a key business requirement that grows as your reliance on data grows. Join us to learn how these Microsoft and HP utilities can be coupled with HP StorageWorks tape backup and snapshot technology for small and medium business (SMB) solutions that rival enterprise requirements, but at a much better price for your business.

Monday, November 12, 2007: TechNet Webcast: Exchange Server 2007 Deployment and Migration Strategies (Level 200)
In this session, we talk about installation and deployment of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. We start with a look at various deployment scenarios. Then, as Exchange Server supports role-based deployments, we take a look at server roles. We run through detailed pre-installation requirements in terms of the supporting infrastructure, software, hardware, and security. Next, after outlining the installation process, we provide a few demonstrations. Finally, we look at how to automate server deployments using the unattended setup commands and Windows PowerShell scripts to provision servers following deployment.

NEW ON-DEMAND WEBCASTS for Exchange, released in October 2007


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Documentation Update Notes: October 2007
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New KB’s in October 2007
Description of the Outlook 2003 Junk E-mail Filter update: October 9, 2007

A hotfix is available to resolve some problems with the Forefront Client Security client

The AutoCorrect feature does not work in Outlook 2003 after you install Office 2003 SP3

When you try to configure the Outlook 2007 AutoDiscover service to use a remote domain, you may receive a certificate mismatch error

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