Apple Mac Pro

Well I finally done it .. I am the proud owner of one very sexy looking Mac Pro.

I have just got my hands on leopard too. Why I hear you ask, well for the cost of my dual 3ghz xeon it is doubt full that I could get Dell cheaper, and a Dell would no way look as good.

However, its primary use, as you have probably guessed is a 64bit windows server running VMWare, so I can host this blog and get my Exchange 2007 org back up and running.

I will let you know how I get on


What is it with plane seats. Why does the person next to you fell like they own the damm plane and take all the possible elbow room.

Always a mystery to me, maybe it is the standard list of being rude and having no respect of your other passengers?

Also I have never understood the panic people have wanting to sit down. They have no patience to wait and give someone the time to put a bag in the overhead locker and take a seat. Don’t panic, the plane is not going to leave with out you!