Get-AllQueuesGUI.ps1 (v1.2)

I just have to share this with you.  So for those of us who have Installed Exchange 2007 RTM, you may have noticed that the queue viewer is a bit pants.

Now I have not seen Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1, so maybe this is fixed, but when I look at queues I want to see ALL the queues and not just the one server (like the Queue Viewer)

A while pack I posted Get-AllQueues.ps1 which is a really basic ps1, but make is easy with a simple name to list all you queues (get-allqueues.ps1 v1.0)

This was good, but I really wanted a GUI, that would auto refresh and let you do the stuff that queue viewer would so .. so a script was born.  Greg actually started the fire for this script, with his excellent mailbox size script

So Get-AllQueuesGUI.ps1basically takes a list of queues and displays them in the .net grid.  It also gets a list of the currently messages that are queued.  The refresh interval is customisable, and I added a cool feature today that sporns out-chart by PowerGadgets to give you a live barchart of queues that are greater than one.

The script is attached.  Have a look and let me know what you think .. all feedback is greatly accepted.

I have a few additions to make and they will come soon.

BTW, I have also tweaked Gregs Mailbox Size Script and will post that later