Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 and the Schema

why oh why did thy have to mke schema changes. This has caused me no end of grief.

I can’t just test and “Deploy” I need to get royal approval from hogworts. Do you know what, I passed all the tests they set just to get the first damm server installed.

Then they ganged up on me and kick the life out of me. End result, no SP1 this month or next by the looks of it!!!

you can really go off people sometimes, especially when you think they are on your side but they just smile as they slip the knife in

Microsoft Exchange Best Practices Analyzer

At last a Web Update Pack for ExBPA.  You can get it from here:

Basically this download contains the latest XML and ExBPA.chm files. Use this package to update your existing installation of the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer.

You only need to apply it (if like almost every production server in the world) the server does not have internet access to download the update automatically.

It’s 3,348kb and contains 6 files

ExBPA.Config.xml -> v2.11.18.0
ExBPA.Permissions.xml ->
ExBPA.Readiness.xml ->
ExBPA.Transport.xml ->

So typically, on an Exchange 2007 Server, you will drop these in to C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerBinen

What is STRANGE is that if you have an Exchange Server 2007 on the Internet the latest files are as follows:
ExBPA.config.xml ->
ExBPA.E12.UnifiedMessaging.xml ->
ExBPA.Readiness.xml ->
ExDRA.Config.xml ->
ExMFA.Config.xml ->
ExTRA.config.xml ->

So what does one do?  The ExBPA.config.xml is a totally different version?  Should you apply it? Should I update everything except ExBPA.config.xml?

WHY do two different versions exist?