Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 is Now Available

Shawn just pointed this out to me:


Microsoft is proud to announce the availability of Visual Studio 2008 in volume licensing, retail, and MSDN download.

This exciting new version was released to manufacturing (RTM) on November 19, 2007 and at that time active MSDN subscribers were able to download it right away.  With its inclusion on the January 2008 volume licensing price list, the product is now available to sell and ship to your customers via Open, Select, Enterprise Agreement (EA), and Full Packaged Product (FPP).


Powershell Array Comparison

I am updating my Get-ExchangeServerPlus.ps1 and I wanted to check for a hotfix in the registry.  But I wanted the ability to add more checks by adding a value to an array.

So my code is enumerating the registry using WMI and I wanted to check a registry key against my array.  I was thinking about for loops and then found this .. damm cool!

$arrColors = "blue", "red", "green", "yellow", "white", "pink", "orange", "turquoise"
$arrColors –contains "black"

Believe it or not, that’s all there is to it: all we have to do is use the –contains operator, followed by the value we’re searching for. As you might have guessed, the –contains operator tells us whether or not an item can be found in a group. Because the color black does not appear in our array, PowerShell is going to respond by telling us this