OWA & Out of Office Assistant

So off the back of this post “942227: You may receive duplicate Out of Office messages in Outlook 2003 after your mailbox is migrated to Exchange Server 2007” one of the workarounds is to use OWA to set the OOO.  So I wanted to be able to send a link out to a user that will take them direct to  OOO page in OWA

So after some surfing I came up with nothing to help me, the IIS logs come to the rescue.

Use the following URLs to get direct to …

Contacts: https:///owa/?ae=Folder&t=IPF.Contact
Calendar: https:///owa/?ae=Folder&t=IPF.Appointment
Tasks: https:///owa/?ae=Folder&t=IPF.Task 

Regional Settings: https:///owa/?ae=Options&opturl=Regional
Messaging: https:///owa/?ae=Options&opturl=Messaging
Spelling: https:///owa/?ae=Options&opturl=Spelling
Calendar Options: https:///owa/?ae=Options&opturl=Calendar
Out of Office Assistant: https:///owa/?ae=Options&opturl=Oof
Junk E-Mail: https:///owa/?ae=Options&opturl=JunkEmail
Change Password: https:///owa/?ae=Options&opturl=ChangePassword
General Settings: https:///owa/?ae=Options&opturl=General
Deleted Items: https:///owa/?ae=Options&opturl=DeletedItems
Mobile Devices: https:///owa/?ae=Options&opturl=Eas
About: https:///owa/?ae=Options&opturl=About

Not you need to turn off FBA to get this to work 

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