HTC Shift Unboxed

So Tuesday after an MCP I unboxed my shift.  So under the plastic the outer case felt like metal, but it is just “posh! cardboard


Inside the cover was a sleek black box, that looked more like a box of chocolates that a gadget!


Inside the box you have the following:


Top left is spare stylus and  a head set


Top right was a velvety case that has the power supply in it, with velcro ties


Bottom left are the manuals


Under the manuals was a nice surprise.


The battery and a USB hub. On closer examination, the USB Hub has three ports, and RJ45 connector, and on the back a mini USB jack


To fit the battery, you slide off a panel on the underside of the Shift. Here is a slot for a SIM card  and the space for the battery

Image051 Image052

Finally, bottom right is the Shift.  It comes in a leather look snug fitting case, embossed with the HTC logo.  The case has two magnets in to secure it closed


Inside the case you have the Shift.

 IMAGE_012 IMAGE_013 IMAGE_014

Looking at the Shift, you have a VGA port at the back  right hand side


On the right side you have the power socket, USB port, SD slot and the power connector


One the left hand side you have 3.5mm head phone jack.


To open the shift, hold and slide it up.  This is a bit stiff and you need to be firm. Once open you then pull the screen portion up. This this adjustable and provides resistance.


When you look at the back of the screen, you can see the two slide rails on either side.


So looking at the shift from the front you have the left and right mouse button top left, and the toggle switch between SnapVue and vista.

Top right you have a connection manager button and below it a button that switches the vista screen resolution between 800×480 and 1024×600

Under that you the a mouse pad, which is surprising responsive and a joy to use.  Bottom right of the screen is the fingerprint pad.

On either side a third down the screen you have two small speakers

When you first power the Shift on, Vista starts up and does it initial setup.

Once started You only have

In comparison to a HTC Advantage, you can see that the Shift is no too much bigger


I can also confirm that the Shift is 800g with battery


Here is the Vista performance rating and I must admit that for such a small package it is quite responsive


SnapVue reports

ROM version: 1.30.405.0 WWE
ROM date: 01/28/08
Radio version:
Protocol version: