Okay, just wanted to share some of this with you, and also to “file” it away for my future reference.

So, I want to get away from having a fixed landline at home, and use the mobile phone network.  So phase one would be to use a one of these 

The world’s first truly universal cell phone docking station and charger.
The patent-pending Dock-N-Talk™ allows you to dock your cell phone and use your normal corded or cordless phones to make and receive your cell phone calls. Effectively turns your wireless service into “wired” service while docked. The Dock-N-Talk can be used in your home, office, dorm room, weekend home, boat, RV or any other location where cell service is available

So next it is to use wireless broadband.  Now not as good as fixed line broadband in relation to downloading movies and music, but for suring it should be okay.

Originally I looked at the Linksys WRT54G3G Router

But Ian pointed  me to this baby Top Global MB6000 3G Phoebus 3G/Wi-Fi Wireless Router

Both so the same thing, and require a PCMCIA celluar adapter, but they could be thing to let me “cut the cord”



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