Task Manager: Connect / Remote Control

Sarad showed me this and I have been using it ever since.

When we upgraded to Exchange 2007 to Service Pack 1, I RDPed to the server to perform the upgrade.  I knew it would take an age on an SCC mailbox cluster, and I didn’t want to wait around in the office for it to finish.

So I left and went home.  Once at home I RDPed to the server using a different account, started  up task manager, and selected the Users Tab.  I could see my new log on and my original one.  I then right clicked my original one, selected connect.  It asked me for my password, and then I was connected to my original session!

The other one, is that Sarad wanted me to watch his install.  So I done the same, RDPed to the server and started up task manager.  Selected the User Tabs, and right clicked on his user Account and selected Remote Control.  He was prompted that I wanted to remote control and then I could see his RDP session. 

How cool is that!

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