Forefront for Exchange Rollup 2

Talking to Joe today and he applied Forefront RU2 to an Exchange 2007 SCC Cluster.What he didn’t expect what that Forefront stopped updating with the following error:

Event Source:   GetEngineFiles
Event Category: Engine Error
Event ID:       6012
Microsoft Forefront Server Security encountered an error while performing a scan engine update.
Scan Engine: AhnLab
Error Code: 0x80090005
Description: The product license has expired.

CAS/HUB servers continued updating with no problems.  He removed RU2 and updates work again!

What he did find is that when you do to Help/About on the Forefront console it said that the expiration date was the 31st March 2009!

Beware my fellow readers.  Any views, comments or workaround (apart from removing RU2) .. let me by posting a comment!