Prince2 Foundation

So that is it, 3 days of life on a Prince2 training course, and I passed with 63 out of 75, which is really cool, so its time to update my CV and upload it jobserve ASAP.

What I found interesting is that the objective of the course is to get you to pass the exam, and not really get a fill grasp of project management … but I would recommended it.  Its like ITIL, you have to “learn” a new language .. Prince2 speak.

I booked it with KnowledgeTrain and the training is in some nice offices in Temple.  Looking to probably book the Prince2 practioner conversion course next week.

Now back to job hunting and concreting my shed bas .. got a ton of aggregate and cement turning up tomorrow .. oh joy!

HTC Shift .. an interesting one

So today my Windows mobile hung.  With most WM devices you have a soft reset button, but that is sadly lacking from the Shift, so the only fix is to remove the battery.

So I put vista into hibernate and removed the battery.

What is strange is that vista performed a standard boot and not a restore from hibernate!!! confused me .. I thought the hibernate file is stored on disk!

oh and to top things off, vista boots before WM, so to get 3g on vista you need to turn the modem off and back on again!