BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 4.1 Service Pack 5

Interesting, this was kept quite :-| but indeed it is available for download from

Service Pack 5

  • File name: besx_upgrader_4.1.5.exe
  • File size: 308 MB
  • Date posted: 18-April-2008

And supporting docs are here:

So the release notes say:

  • Research In Motion (RIM) plans to discontinue support for the “You were BCC’d” portion of messages as of BlackBerry
    Enterprise Server Version 5.0 (SDR 79671).
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.1 SP5 is not certified for use in Japanese environments.
  • RIM certifies that the BlackBerry Enterprise Server operates on VMware® ESX Server Version 3.0.1. As with any
    deployment of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, consider taking baseline measurements of performance after you
    install the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, and then add users in stages to the server. In a VMware environment, other
    virtual machines might be running on that server, which might impact how many users the BlackBerry Enterprise
    Server can support. See the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 4.1 Performance Benchmarking Guide for more
    information about performance measurements.
  • RIM has deemphasized support for BlackBerry® Instant Messaging for Microsoft® Office Live Communications Server
    2005 for Windows® Messenger users. RIM does not plan to release new versions of the BlackBerry Instant Messaging
    Connector and enterprise instant messaging application for Windows Messenger. BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version
    4.1 SP5 and later maintenance releases will continue to include the connector that is compatible with the last release of
    the device client only (version The connector will not be included in BlackBerry Enterprise Server Version 5.0
    or later.

The Feature and Technical Overview says:

  • The BlackBerry Enterprise Server now supports the Microsoft SQL Server 2005
    (64-bit) database management system.

None of the documents mention anything about Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1 only Exchange 2007!

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