Exchange Online: Microsoft & Coca Cola

So I posted this but missed the golden nugget near the end

Original Source:;_ylt=AsKL2pjELwGF53bquJszSVIE1vAI

Microsoft has already signed up large customers to its online services. The company said Coca Cola Enterprises Inc (CCE.N) signed up 70,000 seats for Exchange Online, switching over from IBM’s Lotus Domino system.

Exchange Management Shell: TFM (eBook)

Off the back of Eileen’s post, I just couldn’t resist a new ebook.

So Exchange Management Shell: TFM is a 386 page secured! PDF document, with the last 8 being adverts for Sapien Press!.  The secured bit is a a major pain in the butt as you can’t copy from the PDF doc.  So a PDF ebook, that has code snippets becomes kind like a paper book and unusable to a degree as it prevents the nice easy copy, paste and run the script attitude of an ebook!

Any way apart from the copy & paste issue the books covers quite a lot.  Here are the top level subjects

  • Exchange Management Shell: Rules of Thumb
  • Managing Recipients
  • Managing Public Folders
  • Managing Organization Configuration
  • Managing Exchange 2007 Mailbox Server Role
  • Managing Exchange 2007 Client Access Server Role
  • Managing Exchange 2007 Hub Transport Server Role
  • Managing Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging
  • Managing Exchange 2007 Edge Transport Server Role
  • Built-in Scripts and Test Cmdlets
  • Recipient Filter

Just having a skim it looks like (now I might be doing it an injustice) a glorified get-help

get-help * | where {($_.pssnapin -like “*Exchange*”)} | sort Name | foreach-object {get-help $_.Name -Full}

I do feel a bit cheated by this ebook.  Maybe it’s because I am not a Powershell newbie, I don’t know, but I can’t see any value add in this ebook .. sorry :-| Maybe it is better suited for a newbie