Exchange Management Shell: TFM (eBook)

Off the back of Eileen’s post, I just couldn’t resist a new ebook.

So Exchange Management Shell: TFM is a 386 page secured! PDF document, with the last 8 being adverts for Sapien Press!.  The secured bit is a a major pain in the butt as you can’t copy from the PDF doc.  So a PDF ebook, that has code snippets becomes kind like a paper book and unusable to a degree as it prevents the nice easy copy, paste and run the script attitude of an ebook!

Any way apart from the copy & paste issue the books covers quite a lot.  Here are the top level subjects

  • Exchange Management Shell: Rules of Thumb
  • Managing Recipients
  • Managing Public Folders
  • Managing Organization Configuration
  • Managing Exchange 2007 Mailbox Server Role
  • Managing Exchange 2007 Client Access Server Role
  • Managing Exchange 2007 Hub Transport Server Role
  • Managing Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging
  • Managing Exchange 2007 Edge Transport Server Role
  • Built-in Scripts and Test Cmdlets
  • Recipient Filter

Just having a skim it looks like (now I might be doing it an injustice) a glorified get-help

get-help * | where {($_.pssnapin -like “*Exchange*”)} | sort Name | foreach-object {get-help $_.Name -Full}

I do feel a bit cheated by this ebook.  Maybe it’s because I am not a Powershell newbie, I don’t know, but I can’t see any value add in this ebook .. sorry :-| Maybe it is better suited for a newbie

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