I wrote this a while back, and just blew the dust off it.

Meet get-PerfCounters.ps1  Basically you feed the script a csv file that has “ServerName” on the first line the first.

The script will then loop the servers and get the following perf counters

SystemSystem Up Time
Memory% Committed Bytes In Use
MemoryCommitted Bytes
MemoryCommit Limit
Paging File% Usage
MemoryPool Nonpaged Bytes
MemoryPool Paged Bytes

You can see from the code that it is very easy to add other counters if you want to get them.

What is then does is output the counter to file in a dated folder.

The final bit, that I am really proud of, is it will check free diskspace.  I uses the Logical Disk Perf counter and will pick up ALL logical drives.  It will event alert you if if the free space falls beloe a value.

 Well check it out and let me know what you think

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