Gartner says Webmail cuts costs for SMEs

Interesting article up on the computer weekly website about moving towards webmail.!

Businesses with less than 1000 staff should consider replacing in-house e-mail servers with webmail to reduce the cost of providing e-mail for end users, analyst firm Gartner has advised.

Matthew Cain, research vice-president at Gartner, said companies with fewer than 1,000 seats would gain significantly from the webmail approach.
Gartner has predicted that by 2012, webmail will serve the largest firms, with more than 50,000 seats.

Construction firm Taylor Woodrow has begun using Google Apps to support collaboration for 1800 users.

No I know someone at Taylor Woodrow or Taylor Wimpey as it is know now and they use gmail and have Blackberry access to email too.  It seems quite a good idea.  All they miss is Outlook, but as you can use POP3 with Outlook & GMail, it should just be a matter of configuring things and you will see no difference.  Outlook should also allow you to take email “off-line”

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