More on Taylor Woodrow

They seem to have been in the press a lot this week.  Well I say a lot, I have seen 3 seperate articles, Computing, Computerweekly and this.  They seem to be “bleeding” edge by moving email and application sharing out to the “Cloud”

I wonder what the users think of it?


Taylor Woodrow has moved its 1,800 staff onto Google Apps for email and other services, estimating it will save £1m per year in the process.

The construction division of Taylor Wimpey has embraced software as a service by adopting Google Apps Premier Edition to improve mobility and flexibility for its workers.

Staff are now using Google Mail along with the Docs, Calendar and Sites services, all of which is hosted by Google, removing the need to install or maintain the technology on site.

The company predicts it could save around £1m in terms of up front costs with each of the 1,800 licences costing just £25 per year for 25GB of storage. These costs are also predictable due to Google not charging extra as new features are added.

Previously, the company was using HP’s Open Mail which offered little flexibility especially for clients and contractors who often use other people’s machines.

TechNet Webcast: High Availability in Exchange Server 2007 SP1 (Part 2 of 2): Disaster Recovery and SCR Deep Dive (Level 300)


Event Name: TechNet Webcast: High Availability in Exchange Server 2007 SP1 (Part 2 of 2): Disaster Recovery and SCR Deep Dive (Level 300)
Event ID: 1032381322
We have rescheduled this event for the following date:
Date: 08/15/2008
Start Time: 09:30 AM Pacific

Originally scheduled for 31st July 2008

iPhone 3g

So Ari isn’t too bitter that o2 messed things up big style and he wont get his until next week, but the news on the web is quite amusing.

This is funny (in a strange kinda way) iPhone 3G: UK gets long wait as O2 systems fail

Check this guy our: One-man queue for iPhone 3G in the UK love the sleeping bag  But was it worth it, “Sadly, Sunil doesn’t even intend to buy an iPhone 3G. Instead, he is hoping to sell his first-place spot in the queue via eBay.” and he did for £41 and 10% will go to Oxfam, so he only got £36.90!  I wonder if he works for the sleeping bag company :-o

Top Ten 3G iPhone beaters

So the iPhone 3g is out today, but if you can’t get one Reg Hardware have an alternative list of phone for you ;-)


10: Motorola Z10
 9: Palm Treo 500v
 8: Samsung SGH-F700
 7: Motorola Moto Q 9h
 6: HTC Touch Diamond
 5: Nokia N78
 4: HTC Touch Dual
 3: Nokia N81 8GB
 2: O2 XDA Orbit 2
 1: Check the website out ;-)

Sorry about that

small service outage lastnight / this morning .. .My server Blue Screened, rebooted and was waiting at the good olde Windows Shutdown Event Tracker screen. So cleared that and then my blog vm has the same so sorted that two.

 Found this blog, so the damm screen doesn’t come back any more :-|

How to: Disable the Shutdown Event Tracker in Windows 2003

Easy really ..

Open the Group Policy Object Editor Console. Go to Start > Run…, type gpedit.msc and press OK.

Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System and in the right hand pane, select the “Display Shutdown Event Tracker” setting. Set it to disabled!