AstraSync – Activesync for Blackberry

I saw this on Jason’s Blog .. AstraSync is scheduled to be released in July 2008 at $49 for a one mailbox 12 month subscription. You can register your interest by filling in the form below. Once you have submitted your details our sales team will contact you to provide further information on the product and release date.

Could be an interesting “cure” to all the users having OoO issues with BES & Exchange 2007 .. as long as the price is right!  Would be good to see it in action


AstraSync™ is a new software plug-in for BlackBerry® Smartphones that performs two-way over-the-air synchronization of email, calendar and contact data with a Microsoft Exchange 2007 or MailSite Fusion server.

AstraSync does this by implementing the Exchange ActiveSync and DirectPush protocols.

AstraSync can be downloaded over-the-air and runs silently in the background on the BlackBerry® Smartphone.

Users can configure the name of the ActiveSync server, their username and password and can select which data they wish to synchronize.


  • Synchronizes email, calendar and contacts over-the-air
  • Supports Exchange ActiveSync
  • Supports Exchange DirectPush
  • Supports secure https connection
  • Works with Microsoft Exchange 2007
  • Works with MailSite Fusion
  • Over-the-air download
  • Requires a simple one-time configuration

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