Get-ExchangeServerPLUS.ps1 v1.14

Damm, has this script grown up recently.

In a nut shell, this is the daddy of all scripts and gathers chunks of information from the Exchange Organisation and each Exchange Server by using a mixture of WMI, .Net and Exchange 2007 Powershell commands.

The script can be run for just one server, by appending an server name to the command or with no parameter, in which case it will enumerate all Exchange Servers from the Active Directory using the Exchange Powershell command Get-ExchangeServer

Typical Syntax




The scripts does the following:

Global Settings

  • Get-TransportConfig
  • Get-TransportRule
  • Get-ExchangeAdministrator
  • Get-UMMailboxPolicy
  • Get-UMMailbox
  • Get-UMDialplan
  • Get-UMIPGateway
  • Get-UMAutoAttendant
  • Get-UMHuntGroup

Per Server: General

  • Win32_OperatingSystem
  • Win32_BootConfiguration
  • Win32_ComputerSystem
  • Win32_ComputerSystemProduct
  • Get-ExchangeServer
  • Ping Test
  • List Exchange 2007 Patches
  • List .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 Updates
  • List Some Other Hotfixes
  • List HP Teaming Driver

Per Server: Hub Role

  • Get-TransportServer
  • Get-TransportRulePredicate
  • Get-TransportRuleAction

Per Server: UM Role

  • Get-UMServer
  • Get-UMActiveCalls

Per Server: Mailbox Role

  • Get-MailboxServer
  • Get-StorageGroupCopyStatus
  • Test-ReplicationHealth
  • StorageGroup & Database

Per Server: CAS Role

  • Get-OwaVirtualDirectory
  • Get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory
  • Get-OutlookAnywhere
  • Get-UMVirtualDirectory
  • Get-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory
  • Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory
  • Get-OabVirtualDirectory
  • Get-ClientAccessServer
  • Get-UMVirtualDirectory

Per Server: Exchange 200x Servers

  • StorageGroup & MailboxPublic Databases


  • Get-ClusteredMailboxServerStatus

It now exports a load of data to and XML file and a smaller subset to the UI.  It seems to me to be quicker and I am still adding stuff as I go.

I typically schedule this script to run once a week and email me, so I put a wrapper around the script to create a transcript and email.  Check out the attachment, I have included all the bits & Bobs

Okay so the revision history is this:

#v1.0  9 May 2007          : A Script is born
#v1.1 14 September 2007    : Updated formatting & Exchange 2003 exclusion
#v1.1  3 October 2007      : Updated to include AdminDisplayVersion
#v1.2 15 October 2007      : Updated to not perform registry check on Provisioned Servers
#v1.3 30 October 2007      : Updated with cluster information
#v1.4 20 December 2007     : Updated to include Mailbox information
#v1.5  3 Janaury 2008      : Updated to list .net framework fixes
#v1.6 29 January 2008      : Updated to list out selected hotfixes,
#                            HP Teaming Driver and output to csv
#v1.7 10 March 2008        : Added mailbox statistics & Output to XML File
#v1.8 30 May 2008          : Update to “Ping” the server to check if it worth continuing
#                            Added additonal “stuff” for Exchange 2003 Servers
#                            Added OS Version
#                            Added some Write-Debug statements
#v1.9  5 June 2008         : Fixed issues with XML and removed CSV
#v1.10 5 June 2008         : Added CAS Discovery
#                            Added Better XML stuff
#v1.11 25 June 2008        : Added WMI to XML
#v1.12 26 June 2008        : Added Capture information for SCR Clusters
#v1.13 9 July 2008         : Added registry looping of subkeys
#V1.14 23 July 2008        : Added UM Commands

Feel free to use and abuse, and give me some feedback

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